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A Donkey Called Geronimo

A Donkey Called Geronimo

“An island always has two sides. One is summer, the other is winter,” a man called Rüdiger says. A fact that makes life on the island more difficult, because farming and surviving are much harder in winter. Other obstacles of living together: the famous “island rage” which is probably found all over the world in every latitude and longitude.

The residents of Store Okseø in the Baltic Sea managed to withstand all this adversity for more than ten years. Then they quarrelled and left the island, almost all of them with a broken heart. Nobody got over this place and what happened there. The island is a subject of conversation, a niggling gap, a throbbing wound. There seems to have been a donkey called Geronimo there, but also countless varieties of roses, coffee and beer for all visitors, music, events, a shared dream. A fixed point in the ocean. Without it, the sailors would have lost their ground, a friend believes. And it’s true, they are all lying at anchor in their small boats now, rocking, drinking, scolding and spying on each other, and thinking.

Carolin Weidner

Nominated for the Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize

Original Title: Der Esel hieß Geronimo
Country: Germany, Switzerland
Year: 2018
Language: Danish, English, German
Subtitle: English, German
Runtime: 80 min.
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Director: Arjun Talwar, Bigna Tomschin
Producer: Arjun Talwar (Lo-Fi Films)
Cinematographer: Arjun Talwar
Editor: Bigna Tomschin
Sound: Franek Kosłowski
Script: Arjun Talwar, Bigna Tomschin

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