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Keeping & Saving – Or How to Live

Keeping & Saving – Or How to Live

An old box full of various treasures: a bracelet made of chicken bones, a small paper fan in which razor blades used to be concealed, a beer mat carrying the signature of a crush. And a notebook with a few brown stains: “Right, I had a nosebleed.”

Director Digna Sinke knows that she likes to collect lots of stuff. But: “We have to tidy up, is what I read everywhere. A tidy home is a tidy life.” She’s attached to objects to which she in turn attaches wishes, hopes, passions – in brief, everything that makes up a human life. And she is not the only one. She meets persons with similar leanings everywhere. But also those who decided to get rid of everything. The director begins to realise that she is caught in an interim time. On the one hand there’s the material past, full of bric-a-brac, tangible stuff, ballast. On the other there’s the digital future with its clouds, collective owners, impersonal things. Sinke weighs both options against each other, examines her own tendency, her own attachment and the freedom of others that she doesn’t quite seem to trust but addresses with an open mind.

Carolin Weidner
Original Title: Bewaren – Of hoe te leven
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2018
Language: Dutch, English
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 85 min.
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Director: Digna Sinke
Producer: Monique Busman, Michiel van Erp
Cinematographer: Jan Wich
Editor: Albert Elings
Sound: Mark Wessner
Script: Digna Sinke

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