DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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The Congo Tribunal: Witness J & The Hearings

The Congo Tribunal: Witness J & The Hearings

The game “Witness J.” is part of the transmedia project “The Congo Tribunal” which investigates the background of the biggest and bloodiest economic war in history. We are thrown into a massacre in the village of Mutarule. Shot and delirious, we are trying to find a safe place … In addition to this browser game, a room scale VR experience lets us undergo even more intensely the reality lived by the victims of the Congo war. An additional comprehensive online archive, consisting of the complete filmed material for “The Congo Tribunal”, enables us to browse and edit the footage individually.
DOK Neuland im Messehof
Interactive Exhibition

31/10/2017 – 04/11/17

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Original Title: Das Kongo Tribunal: Zeuge J & Die Hearings
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language: English, French, German, Swahili
Runtime: 15 min.
Technique: Transmedia Installation * HTC Vive, PC, Mac
Color: Colour and B&W
Director: Milo Rau, Daniel Wagner
Producer: Arne Birkenstock, Sebastian Lemke, Roman Roitman, Olivier Zobrist
Cinematographer: Thomas Schneider
Animation: Neysha Castritius, Holger Schulz
Music: Marcel Vaid
Sound: Alon Kaplan, Timo Maier, Moritz Abeln
Script: Timo Maier, Daniel Wagner, Sebastian Lemke, Milo Rau
Web Developing: Christian Koschmieder
Artistic Design: Yves Kulondwa, Daniel Wagner, Holger Schulz, Neysha Castritius, Lennart Troebs
Game Design: Monokel
3D Artist: Holger Schulz, Neysha Castritius
Graphic Design: Nina Wolters
Creative Technologist: Christian Koschmieder, Moritz Abeln

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