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Commanders – Chairmen – General Secretaries 3

Commanders – Chairmen – General Secretaries 3

At the end of their lives communists often look back on a quite incalculable and even less logical succession of political infighting, show trials, triumph and funeral rituals. When they’re dead all this may be behind them once and for all, because they have renounced the religious concept of life after death throughout their life. But the dead from the history of communism aren’t really left in peace by the succeeding generations – neither when they’re freshly deceased and on their way to be buried nor when they should have found their peace long ago.

The ceremonies of communist commemorations, too, are by no means as unreligious and progressive as they would appear. Lying in state in an open coffin, for example (practiced in the Soviet Union since Lenin’s death) has its roots in the entombment of the saints. And even the order of the coffin bearers, in Christian tradition an office reserved for priests and other church dignitaries, follows an orthodox grammar. An anti-parade parade programme.

Ralph Eue

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