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Commanders – Chairmen – General Secretaries 2

Commanders – Chairmen – General Secretaries 2

Two quotes will illustrate what this “chapter” is about. The first is by Christoph Menke, philosopher: “The revolution does not consist of one act of upheaval, the moment of anarchy when the old order loses its head. (…) The revolution consists of changing life where it is most unfree: life as disciplined action, as work. The revolution does not change it by abolishing it; without discipline – drill, practice, test – there are no skills at all and therefore no action. The revolution changes practice itself and turns it into an execution that inspires because it is playful. Or alive (because enthusiasm is animation).”

The second is by Heiner Müller, poly-intellectual: “Those who are identical with themselves might as well have themselves coffined; they have ceased to exist, to move. Identical is a monument. What is needed is the future, and not the eternity of the moment. The dead must be dug up, again and again, because only they can yield the future.” The same subject, put once in factual terms, once in dramatic terms. A bicoloured intellectual framework to this two-part programme.

Ralph Eue

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