DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
DOK Leipzig Film Festival

One Man Show

One Man Show

Marcin Sitek is 33, an actor, well-trained, talented, highly motivated and good looking. He’s ready for his life to start. Or at least his career, at least a small part, that one scene. Instead he’s on the phone until he’s blue in the face, laughs on command at television casting shows, plays tiny roles in C-movies, makes bad jokes as a stand-up comedian on backstreet stages, strips in dubious establishments and earns his money abroad as a seasonal farm labourer.

Jakub Piątek follows his protagonist over the course of a year. A year of big plans and expectations which still ends on a Norwegian field again. And because Marcin is constantly staging himself and his life, the story is embedded in a studio plot: the great solo scene, the radiant hero’s one man show, though his mask gradually crumbles in the spotlight and under the merciless questions and commands of an off-screen voice until he ends up standing naked in front of us, bereft of every cool attitude.

Piątek uses a really innovative dramaturgy to paint the both impressive and bittersweet portrait of the generation “Y”, “internship” or “something in the media” – who hold it all in their hands and still fail.

Grit Lemke

Original Title: One Man Show
Country: Poland
Year: 2014
Language: Polish
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 53 min.
Format: .mp4
Color: Colour
Director: Jakub Piątek
Producer: Maciej Kubicki
Cinematographer: Michał Stajniak
Editor: Urszula Klimek-Piątek, Jakub Piątek
Script: Jakub Piątek

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