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Father and Son

Father and Son

By the time they’re 15 most people don’t travel with their parents any more. If they do, they have good reasons. Especially when one’s father is one of the most important Polish documentary film directors, whose open, invasive style initiated a school of its own, influenced generations of filmmakers and threw a large shadow over the son’s artistic practice (both are Leipzig award winners, by the way).

Paweł Łozinski invites Marcel, Łozinski senior, to an undertaking in the spirit of his father’s documentary method – provoking reality and seeing what happens: to take a trip West in a minivan, from their Polish home to the French roots of his Jewish father. The route alone is full of snares. And so their conversations go back not just to Paweł’s childhood, which he considers a failed experiment in anti-authoritarian ’68 education, but to the preceding generation, the Résistance and the Holocaust. As they ceaselessly polish glasses and windowpanes at rest areas and camping grounds, they struggle for clarity in their dialogues, too: about family, love, old age, traumata, responsibility, and forgiveness. Some questions remain open. But it’s clear that the shared journey leads to new places when parents grow old. The story of father and son has no happy end. But it is full of moments like the one when the father calls his ice cream-eating son “my little boy”. You can’t ask for more than that.

Grit Lemke
Original Title: Ojciec i syn
Country: Poland
Year: 2013
Language: Polish
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 54 min.
Format: .mp4
Color: Colour
Director: Paweł Łoziński
Producer: Paweł Łoziński
Cinematographer: Paweł Łoziński, Marcel Łoziński
Editor: Przemysław Chruścielewski

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