DOK Leipzig Film Festival

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

A film about an ordinary family: they ride bicycles, need a credit, buy a smartphone. No, something is different. The parents are deaf and their twelve-year-old daughter must translate from sign language. They are a great team – against all odds! The astonished looks of the smartphone sales assistant can’t hurt them.

Director Maciej Adamek delivers an amazingly light tale of the difficulties of existence. The slogans of inclusion and exclusion are re-translated into everyday stories which make us experience how the small collective master their life. He pulled off a rare feat here, as a close observer who manages to transcend his subject in every scene: who’s learning from whom? Maybe the parents are happier because they don’t know everything. And is it easier for their adolescent daughter to keep her secrets? Doesn’t this constellation remind us of migrant families, the director comments on his film, in which children learn the language sooner than their parents – and relationships are reversed? We certainly live not only in two worlds, but in many.

Cornelia Klauß
Original Title: Dwa światy
Country: Poland
Year: 2016
Language: Polish
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 51 min.
Format: .mp4
Color: Colour
Director: Maciej Adamek
Producer: Jacek Kucharski
Cinematographer: Mateusz Skalski
Editor: Sławomir Goździk
Sound: Mariusz Bielecki, Przemysław Jaworski
Script: Maciej Adamek

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