DOK Leipzig Film Festival



Maciek was one of several children sexually abused by a neighbour. Robert was sent to prison, but when he is released everything starts again. Maciek decides to put an end to it and is now doing time for attempted murder in a young offender institution. Robert, who grew up in a children’s home where he was abused himself, lives with his old aunt, whose window panes are smashed regularly. He has been seen with children again …

Lidia Duda tells the story of a continuing crime, of guilt and atonement, in a matter-of-fact tone that steers clear of false emotions, judgements or excuses. The men calmly tell their tales from off-screen, interrupted by short scenes of everyday life, relatives’ stories or letters. The rapid montage keeps switching between perspectives as the biographies of victim and offender become increasingly entangled. The images by Wojciech Staroń, a multiple award-winner at Leipzig, speak for themselves: often cropped, rarely forming a whole, resting on details or observing from the background, seemingly detached. Only the images of the place where everything is happening suggest some degree of normality. But that’s hard to believe in a society which leaves victims and offenders to their own devices and in which taking the law into one’s own hands seems the only moral resort. The people are trapped by walls of fear, helplessness and hatred. Cold, claustrophobic and inexorable.

Grit Lemke
Original Title: Uwiklani
Country: Poland
Year: 2012
Language: Polish
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 51 min.
Format: .mp4
Color: Colour
Director: Lidia Duda
Producer: Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska (Telemark)
Cinematographer: Wojciech Staroń
Editor: Agnieszka Bojanowska, Jakub Śladkowski
Music: Bartosz Straburzyński
Script: Lidia Duda

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