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A Strange New Beauty

A Strange New Beauty

Entering the comfort zone of a luxury estate in Silicon Valley, inhabited but empty. The first impression: an illusion of Arcadia. A painstakingly created and maintained claim. Though the travails that went into the magnificent appearance of the garden were masterfully concealed and silenced too. Only the things and plants that make up this Arcadia know of its violence. And they have the power to tell us about it! But only those who look and listen closely will hear their ghostly-real voices and the eerie noise behind the silence. From the mouths of ghosts … Thus we learn of the world behind the appearances. A world ruled by dominance and submission. By strategies to overcome fear. And by the antagonism between the “natural” pursuit of happiness of a very few and the collateral damages produced in the process. Because ultimately this film by Shelly Silver is a narrative of barbarianism and how, brilliantly refined, it manages to present itself as strangely new and beautiful – “a strange new beauty” indeed.

Ralph Eue
Original Title: A Strange New Beauty
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language: English
Subtitle: No
Runtime: 51 min.
Format: HD Videofile (ProRes 422 HQ 1080p)
Color: Colour
Director: Shelly Silver
Producer: Shelly Silver
Cinematographer: Shelly Silver
Editor: Shelly Silver
Music: Shelly Silver
Sound: Shelly Silver, Mike Degen
Script: Shelly Silver

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